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Default Where are all the Chinese cars built?

"Of course in China, moron."

No, well...what I shall attempt to do in this thread is list all the current (and new) plants in China where cars are manufactured by the licensed manufacturers. There will be one post that will be updated on an ongoing basis. This will be a "sticky" thread. You can post corrections or updates in replies. I don't think there is any public-domain resource (only paid sites maybe, like MarkLines) which lists this information in English.

I will not name models manufactured in the plants because models may be rotated between plants, and that is difficult to track continuously. I will limit myself to plants making cars, SUVs, MPV, minivans (and maybe pickups). Others interested in CVs are welcome to explore and post bus and truck factories.

I will use mainly MIIT records and other publicly available sources like news articles or company-published material for the information. The list will be slowly built up, and not in one day. I will not include LSEV manufacturers initially, as their claims are difficult to verify, and maybe later include some of the bigger ones.
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