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Southeast Motor said its Mitsubishi Zinger SUV will go on sale in mainland China by the end of the year with the selling price at about 100,000 yuan ($14,641) above, Guangzhou Daily reported.

An early investigation conducted by Southeast Motor showed that Chinese consumers buying RVs can be divided into two groups, for work and for life, with each taking 50%. Then the Mitsubishi Zinger came out to meet both work and family demand.

The Mitsubishi Zinger made by Southeast Motor is a crossover SUV designed by Mitsubishi Motors in conjunction with the Taiwan-based China Motor Corporation targeting at Asian consumers. Southeast Motor is a joint venture between Fujian Motor Industry Group and China Motor Corporation (Mitsubishi Motors) of Taiwan,

It is reported that Zinger creates an “MICS” concept and is positioned as “MICS-RV”. “M” represents Multi-purpose、“I” for Interior roominess & Riding comfort, “C” for Compact body size, “S” for Sophisticated Styling, plus “RV” for Rough-road running capability and Value for the money & Affordable price.

The Zinger is attractive to many also because it features an advanced Mitsubishi Mivec engine, which represents the top level of the world engine technology. The technology has been widely used on Mitsubishi Evo and Pajero.
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