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Default Euro Series Light Truck Performed Affirmative

November 07, 2006

Although the inner land light truck market developed little in the first three quarters of this year, the change of Euro and Japanese light truck situation attracted most attention. It was reported that the increasing ratio of light truck fell down in this year but Euro series of which Foton Aumark and Nanjing IVECO represent rose up. But Japanese light truck which had been used since 1980s began to fell down after a 20-year occupation in Chinese Market, because it couldn’t satisfy the need of customers gradually.

According to the authoritative number, the increasing ratio of light truck has fell down to 10% compared with 13% of last year. Experts said that it might be because of the rising price of petrol and materials. Compared with light truck manufacturing market, the light truck consuming got mature. More light truck customers realized that it was not only an instrument but an enjoyment of transportation, and required more in light truck consume. The Japanese light truck almost based on the techniques of 1980s, it was obvious that it could hardly satisfy the need now.

There were three main reasons: 1.The industry design is stagnated, narrow body work, no advancement, the top speed can only reach 90-100 kilometers per hour, these couldn’t catch up with the fast development of Chinese situation. 2. Worse public praise 3. The techniques drop behind. The Japanese side is not willing to bring new techniques to China.

Why does Euro light truck keep such a rising tendency? Experts said that it is product decides the win or lost. Foton Aumark caught up with the steps of the world advanced techniques. As the representative product of Euro light truck, Foton Aumark has three main features that the engine of world top level, double wide bodywork and lower load platform. It realized high quality, high profit, high safety and high comfort.
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