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Default 2020 BAW BJ212 New Chassis

Finally, we have the production versions of the New Chassis BJ212. Since it is a major model change with new underpinnigs, new sheetmetal, changed dimensions, and new-ish interior, I've decided to create a new thread for it, so that it does not get lost among the clutter of old BJ212s, Zhanqis, BJ6460s and BJ2020s in the BAW Introduction thread.

We did come across two other versions of the New Chassis in 2019, one with the old body and one with a sleeker body actually shown first in 2018 (see posts #75 and #65 in the BAW Introduction thread). We can now consider them to be prototypes or test platforms for the new chassis.

For the sake of familiarity and tradition, some aspects of the vehicle have not changed such as the front clip, fenders, rear lights and the cubbyhole boot. The interior, borrowed/adapted from the Yongshi, is already found in its sister models, Zhanqi and Jiaodoushi, as well as in the above-mentioned prototypes. The new design of the side windows is also taken from the Yongshi and an instant differentiator from the old model. For some info on the technical changes, see post #86 of the BAW Introduction thread.

A few months ago, NDRC changed the enterprise code of Beijing Auto Works, including its Dezhou minicar branch, from "BJ" to "BAW", so any codes/models known to us till now, such as BJ2023, BJ2024, BJ2033 etc. will be known as BAW2023, BAW2024, BAW2033 etc.

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