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Default Re: Hawtai mismanagement, suspected sales data "manipulation"

Originally Posted by dmitra View Post
This year, till end-October, Hawtai has reported sales (deliveries) of 88,353 cars (excluding commercial vehicles from Huanghai). Retail figures (published on Matt Gasnier's Best Selling Cars Blog) show sales of 2,664 only for the same 10-month period............
2,664? That's strange, as sales of 3,984 units of the “EV160” EV model alone were reported for one month, August 2018, by China Daily, quoting stats of the China Passenger Car Association.

On top of that, reports a total of 7,981 Hawtai NEV units (EV160 & xEV) for October 2018.

In any case, it's obvious there is an ongoing global race for bragging rights as number one in NEVs.

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