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2,664? That's strange, as sales of 3,984 units of the “EV160” EV model alone were reported for one month, August 2018, by China Daily, quoting stats of the China Passenger Car Association.
Yes, that is exactly what I am talking about.

Retail figures (supply to the end customer), sourced by BSCB in partnership with some automotive intelligence/consultancy company (like LMC), are collected from distribution points like dealer groups or regional distributorships, and are perhaps more truly representative of the domestic health of a manufacturer. These do not include exports.

The more widely and freely available figures that are usually quoted in general articles are from either CAAM or China Automotive Industry Information Network (CAIN, of CATARC) and are delivery figures (wholesales from factory to first distribution point). These are almost always manufacturer-reported. Delivery figures include exports. Reputable companies like Marklines or Fourin which sell "delivery" data (where you have to pay) rely nowadays on CAIN, and not CAAM.

It is naturally expected that retail figures and delivery figures for the same month (or cumulatively, same year) would not match, as dealers would tend to adjust subsequent monthly orders depending on the state of inventory and anticipated demand in a given month. A difference of 20-30% either way can still be accepted, but in Hawtai's case the chasm is just too great.

Your quoted figures of 3,984 or 7,981 are included in the 10 months' accumulated 88,353 units I mentioned in my previous post, and yes, they are "delivery" figures. It is precisely this vast (in order of magnitude) difference between 88,353 and 2,664 that raises a huge red flag.

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