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could not even see the pink sheets quote on geely 2day. prob due to china markets volatility over past few days?
has anyone here had luck shorting or buying/selling pink sheet stox? My one bad experience goes back 15 years when i shorted a pinkie at $4 only to see it delisted. Took forever to get straightened out with broker and my capital was tied up for over a year.
Buying and selling on the pinks is not easy, its not really a listed, controlled stock.
I do feel that this current correction (likely to run another 20% on slide) is a great buying opportunity in china. Cars, footwear, defense, it will all be on a bull tear after this correction.
US market will, however, tank. Just a matter of people learning that china's fortunes are separate from america's. US is a failed empired in the early stages of rapid decline.
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