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Pre-Gold series
This truck has the same cabin as the range 金 (Gold), but with a different design of the front mask. Probably, these trucks were produced for a short time, before the production of the 金 (Gold) range was started.

富强 (Fu-Qiang) 170PS / 180PS / 210PS

Hangzhou Xingdi Group Co., Ltd. produces dump trucks, which are similar to DongFeng trucks with the MH1141G cab (a copy of Nissan Diesel). The least powerful 170-horsepower the BFQ324PB3 dump truck is equipped with the YC6J170-21 engine. Medium truck in the range is the BFQ324PB4 YC6J180-21 model with 180 hp YC6J180-21 engine. And the most powerful dump truck is the 210-horsepower BFQ324PB5 with YC6J210-20 engine.

平板侧翻 (Flatbed Dumper)
Truck with the simple name Flatbed Dumper (or 平板 侧翻 in Chinese) is equipped with the MH1141G cabin of unrefreshed type (a copy of Nissan Diesel). The dump truck BFQ222PA has flatbed platform, as the name of the model says. The engine is YC4E135-21 with an output of 135 hp. Dimensions of platform are 6600x2300x850 mm. Earlier, lighter models were produced, which were the predecessors of 金 (Gold) range.

Heavy dump truck BFQ324PC5 is equipped with MH20 cabin (the same cabins are mounted on FAW trucks and it is a copy of a Japanese cabin from Mitsubishi 91A). The engine is CA6110ZQ. Dumping platform could holds much more than the 2-axle chassis could carry. It means that a truck will almost always work with overweight.

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