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Default Show me street hot rods and performance cars

Any pics or details? Is drag racing popular in China?

Here is how I would turbo charge a Chinese made vehicle:

Install good aftermarket rods and pistons(forged not cast).

Using a mig welder, fab up the turbo kit.

Go to Google and search for megasquirt. Check out the first 3 results. One is the homepage, one is the main message board, and one is the FAQ site. Basically, it is low cost, universal, programmable fuel injection! Either buy it in parts for a couple hundred bucks and solder it together yourself or for three hundred or so, buy a unit that is already assembled.

Production OEM cars could use this system and save a lot of time and money. Imagine if you could build cars and not have to worry about the EFI side of it because that part is already done and developed.
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