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Originally Posted by rtz
Production OEM cars could use this system and save a lot of time and money. Imagine if you could build cars and not have to worry about the EFI side of it because that part is already done and developed.
I think that's a bit of a simplification of the OEM efi requirements. Durability on something you solder together yourself is not going to meet the standards. Also megasquirt does not (as far as I know) have the kind of adaptive functions, error checking and reporting functions etc that are needed. With megasquirt you calibrate each engine as a one off, this is different to having to develop a calibration that can suit the variations of mass production engines, with necessary safety margin, provision for all conditions and users, durability ........................

Yes you can build cool cars in low volume. Very difficult to make these cars meet modern expectations of durability, reliability and all round useability. As the owner/ previous owner of a few modified cars as well as two Lotus Esprits, I feel I can comment on this. Specialised cars are a love/hate thing. I love them, my wife hates them!
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