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Originally Posted by martin_krpan
Does that mean that Roewe is coming to Europe also? Time will tell.
If you consider Israel to be in Europe then yes:

"The first two MG cars of Chinese carmaker Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SSE: 600104) (SAIC) have arrived in Israel.

SAIC acquired British carmaker MG Rover in 2005. The cars are for display, technical training, and market testing by SAIC and Peugeot Citroen importer David Lubinski Ltd. One of the cars is the two-seater MGT-F sports car and the other is the MG 550 sedan.

The cars do not yet fully comply with EU-4 or EU-5 emissions standards, so they will probably only be displayed passively, without an Israeli license for travel. European standard-compliant MG cars, which will receive Israeli licenses, are due to arrive in the third or fourth quarter of the year."

Ref: MG 550 in Israel
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