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Originally Posted by V240
I wouldn't say the expectation of workmen is lower at all. Commerical needs are just different in most cases to private, safety is important for everyone.
while this is true in an altruistic sense in the real world, companies will take short cuts on safety if it saves a dollar or if people are buying their own vehicles

i worked for years in construction and companies are loath to pay for $50k Hiluxes if a $30k Holden Rodeo will do just as well

for people like couriers they often use the most unsafe vehicles (like Mitsubishi Express (1 star!) and yet if you buy a $50k Toyota Hiace it isn't much better (3 stars).

The best vehicle is still the 4 star Hyundai iLoad (which is the recommended vehicle by Police and Telstra who have a strong union).

Have a look at how many tradesman pick the cheapest $20k white tray ute because that's all the manufacturers sell.
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