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Hi Micodelija,

I looked at and read about your Wingle well before I even bought mine. Sadly we don't get the 2.8 diesel here infact theres no deisel for us yet. I've not done much km in mine as I don't drive it all the time, only drive it for offroad or touring holidays, I have about 12,oookm on it I think.

Car goes well and I've not had any real problems, motor is a little underpowered but does ok. The bullbar was made just for this car by a company here in Australia called ECB.

It's made just for the V240 (Wingle) so it fits perfect, cooling system works fine with it even on days I drive over 40 degrees celcius car doesn't get hot at all. You don;t remove all the front bumper/skirt but have to cut part of it off. The bullbar has air vents in front you can see that direct more cool air to the motor. It's a alloy bar in a powder coat finish.

The snorkel is made just for this car also by a different company called AirFlow but they sell them on eBay as well as in shops. I can find a link to website if you like, I think they sell to other countries.

People in Australia still don't think well of these cars but it's changing as they get to knwo them a little. Still a very new car company to us and people are unsure of cars made in China. I try to tell people they are good cars, over here 4x4 vehicles are very popular as it's a big and very harsh country.

I have put in suspension lift and bashplates under the car as well and you can see the rocksliders (steel side steps) and rear bar I had custom made. I hope to one day get a winch and diff lockers to make it a very good car for offroad but have run out of money lol.

I spent lots on doing up the inside of teh car and making other mods to it.
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