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If an engine is DESIGNED to output power @ HIGH rpm, and it does, then what is the problem? I can only say that the engine can operate per or in accordance with its design specs.

I failed to see any strong performance correlations between automobiles in a race since their true performance are subject to numerous uncontrollable and/or unpredictable factors.

An automobile's true performance and characteristics should only be evaluated in a highly controlled environment aimed to eliminate or minimize uncontrollable factors.

Long story short, I know an engineer who was driving a rental 911 in Germany and got overtook by a VW on the autobahn. Therefore, his conclusion was: Porche 911 sucks.

After I heard his statement on that. I then quickly lost respect for his as an engineer.

Just thing about it, he might be just cruising in his rental 911, while a VW red lining the engine with the 4th gear overtook him on the autobahn concludes that an 911's inferior to a VW? Give me a break.

FYI: you video link does not work for me, please verify subject link.
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