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Default Fujian-built Xiaolong

As far back as late 2006, Xiaolong Auto and Fujian New Longma Automobile Co., Ltd signed a deal to manufacture about 3000 of Xiaolong vehicles/p.a. at a new factory being set up in Yongan city, Sanming, under Fujian Fudi Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. However, it seems nothing came of this agreement although Fujian was granted approval for these vehicles several times by NDRC. A few years later, the Yongan plant was taken over by truck-maker CNHTC in a restructuring program and became known as Sinotruk Fujian Haixi Vehicle Co., Ltd. (makes Homan and Folor trucks)

Meanwhile, in 2011, Fujian New Longma inaugurated a plant in the Longyan Economic Development Zone High-tech Park in Longyan city to make heavy-duty trucks (Kaibao). This is mentioned elsewhere on this forum. In March of 2015, Xiaolong announced that they would be producing off-road vehicles at this plant as it had idle production lines. In April, test production equipment was set up and a pilot batch of vehicles made. The plant now operates as Longyan Xiaolong Automobile Co., Ltd. Reports indicate serial production took place late last year, sometime in the 4th quarter. The standard lineup of vehicles is made here as well as a couple of new ones. Xiaolong Auto maintains that Longyan is now their main production base, whereas Wuhan carries out technical/R&D activities and a small volume of output.

Fujian-made 2060L UVs are designated FJ2060LC06; the 2070 trucks as FJ2060/2070C06.

The Longyan unit:
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