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Default Leopaard Mattu Shanyao

On April 18th, Liebao Auto resumed production at its Yongzhou factory after several months of dormancy. From around October/November 2019, none of Liebao's four factories had been functioning normally -- this was related to financial difficulties the company had been facing for quite some time. Its woes were then compounded by the advent of the pandemic which eliminated any chances of an early resumption, provided funds could be raised.

In late December, company management had decided on a turnaround plan which hinged on a cooperation with Geely for use of the new Changsha plant as well as returning two plants and the land (in Jingmen and Chuzhou) to the government for subsequent disposal (the Jingmen plant was newly constructed). The Yongzhou factory was to be retained for its own products (if and when sales did revive).

In late April, the strategic cooperation agreement was formally concluded with Geely (post). It is not known whether any action on returning the two plants has been initiated or not.

The Mattu that is currently produced at the Yongzhou factory has been upgraded to meet China-VI standards. This version is known as "Mattu Shanyao" [闪耀 meaning 'shine']. At present, it is Leopaard's only model in production as well as its only model available with a China-VI compliant engine (1.6T, 200 PS). The new version was launched on the market one month later, on May 19th, in seven variants (link).

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