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Thanks, Lawrence, for alerting us to the website update, although a few points to note:

The website shows a copyright date of 2018, and the latest news is from 2019-04-12.

The Mattu, from its specifications, is the China-V version, not the China-VI Shanyao. The prices match, but that is because prices of the China-VI variants have been kept at the same levels as the China-V variants' (check prices). So I think this website update is pre-Geely partnership.

P.S.: I however cannot explain why you saw a barebones website last month. If this was created after the alliance with Geely, wouldn't there have been some reference to, or news item relating to, the agreement-signing ceremony?

Leopaard has not ruled out reviving the other models even though currently those are not being produced. Last year they sent CS10 (Euro-5) samples to Oman expecting an export order; quite some time back I had also read a Russian article stating the CS10 might be imported there, but those deals haven't materialized. The Binge and Coupe too had been in the pipeline when production was suspended.

Anhui Changfeng Yangzi Motor was renamed to Anhui Liebao Automobile Co., Ltd. (Anhui Leopaard Motor) in 2014 and is now a subsidiary of Hunan Liebao (Hunan Leopaard Motors). For a few years after the GAC-Changfeng separation, Anhui Liebao held the "LBA" production license for the entire group and had two operational factories, Chuzhou (Anhui) and Yongzhou (Hunan) under its fold. Today the "LBA" license is held by its immediate parent Hunan Liebao. The Yongzhou factory (see above) has been transferred to Hunan Liebao as well. The Chuzhou factory [also referred to as Hunan Liebao Chuzhou Branch] will be shut down.

Also see my post from 2018

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