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I'm a bit confused about VW's Traton. After the dieselgate scandal I think they had the intention of selling the entire business, but they ended up floating about 10% of the company in an IPO, with the provision they could raise the percentage of outstanding share to 25%. Don't know if there was simply no buyer for the entire company at the time or if the strategy has been changed voluntarily.

As a matter of fact Traton owns about 15% of USA's Navistar Corporation and has recently offered to buy all remaining shares. Navistar, a truck builder of course, is active in China through a joint venture with JAC.

Now the limitations on foreign ownership of chinese truck manufacturers end somewhere this year, so I could see VW turn the JAC truck business into a Traton/Navistar operation and the JAC passenger car business into 'VW China' in a few years time.
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