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I'm from Egypt, several chinese auto makers are offering their cars in the egyptian market now (Chery, Geely, SMA, Hafei, Lifan) the best 2 sellers are Chery and Geely then Hafei is coming after them, some chinese brands came to Egypt and Dissappeared in short time like ZXauto (high customs and taxes on cars with engines larger than 1.6) and Jiangnan (which was fighting against Maruti that is already in the egyptian market 10 years ago).
Zhonghua is going to assemble its cars in Egypt this summer (I would like to have one).

I think chinese cars are not bad, and improving very fast, I was interisting about the chinese cars 4-5 years ago, but now I can see the differnce, and I'm thinking about buying a chinese car very soon.
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