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Originally Posted by starex
Well, now its my turn. Im Kike, half italian (mother) and half Spanish (father) but ive born in Madrid, Spain......Ive lived in London for some years and after that, i moved to Spain again, but to the south, Marbella exactly, in Malaga province. During some years, i was living for short times in other countries, like France, Italy, Maroc or Luxemburg. Now i think no one can move me, jeejej. I posted some pics of my cars on the other post (Ride subforum). I actually works as journalist...and im writting some post and articles for, the spanish sister site of My name there is enrique Garcia (Kike its the short name)
great stuff starex, hope this forum helps you to write articles on chinese cars , and dont forget to spread to word of these forums to people interested in chinese cars
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