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Post Victory Group (Chenggong) and Guizhou Hangtian (Aerospace) co.

Shanghai Zhunti Automotive

Producer of Hiace-like vans. The company probably closed doors long time ago. In the brief introduction there are still mentioned plans for 2007...
Interesting thing is that the date on their homepage is current.

With registered capital (of) RMB¥260 million and investment in total RMB¥400 million, Stream Fund Group is engaged in producing Passenger Vehicles . The output value in year 2004 will reach RMB¥800 million, in year 2005 it will reach RMB¥1.5 billion. There are more than 1000 staff and workers in the Group. The automotive chain from production to sale in our Group is formed by Vehicle Manufacture Department, Vehicle-spare-part Manufacture Department, Products Research & Design Institute and Sales Department. The Group has invested more than RMB¥100 million to build a new production base in Jangyin City, Jiangsu Province. After the base being built up, we will produce SUV, MPV and Economic Passenger Car. Two years later, our Group will become one of famous Passenger Vehicles and Automotive-spare-part manufacturers in China.

With registered capital (of) RMB¥80 million in the first step, Guizhou Aeronautic Yuantong Auto-manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as GYAACT) was founded by Jiangsu Zhunti Omni-machine Manufacturer Co., Ltd( with 50% of the total shareholding) and Aeronautic Industrial Co., Ltd.( with 50% of the total shareholding). GYAACT had got advanced production lines of Pressing and Cutting Line, Welding Line, Painting Line and Assembling Line (including Inspecting Line) that imported by Aeronautic Industrial Co., Ltd. from oversea. After those production lines have been improved, GYAACT annual output capacity is 100,000 units of vehicles now. GYAACT occupied M2 130 thousand; its building area is M2 63 thousand.
Jiangyin production base which has been building covers M2 1 million; its building area is M2 700 million. Our Group will invest RMB ¥ 800 million to build production lines of Pressing and Cutting , Welding, Painting and Assembling Lines in the first step. The output capacity of the base will be 50,000 units in year 2006, 150,000 units in year 2007. As the base completed, it will become another important production base in our Group.

Automotive-air-conditioning Company, one of our Group Automotive-spare-part companies, has advanced equipment for producing Automotive-air-conditioning. There are Scroll compressors, Evaporating Devices; Cooler and Assembling Production Lines in Automotive-air-conditioning Company. The technology of that equipment and the inspecting line is up to international advanced technological level.

The High level technicians, managers and salesmen from all over the country, and the newly designed Vajra Hiace will make sure that we can get good markets for our products. We predicted that our sales quantity would reach 20,000 units in year 2005. At the same time we are still studying our markets, turning out new models, improving service system to meet the needs of our customers. We want to be friends of all our customers. Our products will sell in more places, in larger quantities, in greater varieties later.

With world advanced technology, Aeronautic Hiace, designed by ourselves, has the five kinds in three series. Their vehicles can meet needs from different grade of customers. The annual output capacity of the vehicles is units 10 thousand Aeronautic Hiace. Aeronautic Hiace not only has high quality and lower price, but also has lowly costs and conveniently maintain and repairing in use.

With engine series 491QE & 4G64, its quality is stable, power is strong, consumption of gasoline is low etc. The technology of front gear box, clutch box, rear gear box, braking system are all source in Japan, so that make the vehicles comfort, stable, and operating simply. Velvet cur dory inner decoration make your more ease. Handsome front face and rear lamp had registered for protecting.

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