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Final Outgoing Saab 9-5 SportEstate Produced In Trollhatten

A sad day for all the fans of the 12 year old 9-5 SportEstate and the 13 year old 9-5 model.

below is the last of this model 9-5 SportEstate to roll of the lines.

The car, which incidentally is the 483,593th Saab 9-5 since June 1997, is a Snow Silver model, with a 2.3t BioPower engine with 210 horsepower under the hood. It's pretty much fully loaded, too, with similar spec to a Vector Sport Griffin Edition.

Like the final Saab 9000 hat rolled off the line many years ago, this one was made exactly to specifications requested by Peter Backstrom, director of the Saab Museum. Seen above hugging the car as he always does on special occassions.

The outgoing 9-5 model and its tooling has been sold to Chinese company BAIC and tooling is expected to be being packed up as we speak. Saab intends to have a very good long term relationship with BAIC thanks to this deal. Expect to see Saab based BAIC cars in around 2012.

More photos to come

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