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Rally Red Lancer GTS

Since around 2001 (not sure of exact date) Saab has been using architectural forms as a way to represent its sub models below the Griffin and Aero models. For example in New Zealand the 9-3 SportSedan range is available in base Linear, LinearSport, Vector, VectorSport and Aero. The varients differ from country to country.

It can get very complicated to explain without talking face to face however to put it simply most of the world consists of, Linear, Vector, Arc, Aero and sometimes Griffin (Griffin is only used on special occasions, i.e marking the beginning or end of a model.)

So to answer your initial question in short, rather than going on Vector is mid range so yes, a few less features than Aero. To my knowledge the 2010 9-5 Sedan will be available in Linear, Vector and Aero.

I have heard that the Aero is really only for enthusiast buyers or people who will have the car for a long time because they depreciate very quickly.

If you want good value for money, fantastic range of features and a reasonable resale value then choose Vector. Its not as downgrading as Linear but you wont get stung as much when you go to sell it like you would with an Aero.

As you can see I could type all day.
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