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Sexy Swede, 9-3x Could Be Getting A Brother X!!!

The sexy lines of the dedicated Saab 9-3x model are clearly shown above and below. The 9-3x is a highly capable sport combi. The 9-3x Aero featues the worlds most advanced all wheel drive system that Saab calls cross-wheel-drive (XWD). The 9-3x's XWD system is linked to a powerful 2.0t Petrol engine while a 1.9TiD (not sure if its TiD or TTiD - someone correct me) does not feature XWD.

The 9-3x is 25mm higher from the ground than the 9-3 SportCombi and features scratch resistant black bumpers.

Is a brother around the corner for Saab? . . .

I have heard from many sources that Saab Automobile are planning on developing a dedicated Cross-Wheel-Drive (XWD) version of the next gen Saab 9-5 SportCombi called the 9-5x!

First things first however, the all new 9-5 SportCombi has to be shown to the world. Thats expected this year. The 9-5x could be shown next year (2011) however that would be the same year the 9-4x goes on sale.

I dont really understand why we need a 9-5x when the 9-4x is more capable. The 9-4x has an almost identical interior to the 9-5 and it will have better towing capacity too.

Below is an idea on what the 2011 Saab 9-5 SportCombi may look like:

What does China think? Comment below.

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