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Default Roewe 250

Just coming out of Brum as I was turning on to the M42 I saw a Roewe 550 iirc pulled up behind me at the lights.

It was on an 08 plate interestingly, so predates the official unveiling of the car by quite a considerable amount around a year or so?. On top of that Roewe to the best of my knowledge have only been sold in China, and at the time NAIC and Nanjing were still seperate and competing entities, with only Nanjing having European operations. So obviously I would say plans to sell the Roewe 550, or more likely the MG 5 in the UK must exist, and have done for some time.

At the time however, all I could think was how much the front end looked like a Chrysler Neon and how much of a blandfest it was. Hell, I was massively more excited when I spotted and tailed a Bini Clubman all taped up on trade plates around 6 months before being officially unveiled on my way to work a few years ago
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