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Originally Posted by Joest
It's quiet outdated.

At least, it's a proof that Zhongxing is still alive. Because I haven't heard from them since the failed Chamco deal.
Brilliance sold its stake in the company in 2003 and the Huaxiang Group sold its stake in 2004, but it seems the Taiwan United Leaders Holding company is somehow keeping the company afloat. Although the deal to assemble in Russia from CKD kits, failed, reports are that such assembly sites are operational in Egypt, Poland, Vietnam, Jordan and maybe Iran.

And it's said that in Taiwan the Grand Tiger pickup sells quite well.

Without a strong injection of foreign capital such as Hawtai gets, I don't see how Zhongxing can survive much longer. It apparently gets no help from the central government, as do companies like Chery, Chang'an and Lifan.

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