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Default Guizhou Hangtian Chenggong Automobil Manufacturing

It seems the company was taken over by Shanxi Co.

Guizhou Hangtian Chenggong Automobil Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the company”) is a professional manufacturing company, specializing in the development and production of light vehicles and parts, in joint investment, 10% from Guizhou Aerospace Industry Co., Ltd., 10% from Guizhou Jiangnan Aerospace Investment Group Limited and 80% from Shanxi Victory Investment Co., Ltd. The company, located at the Aerospace Industrial Park of Economic and Technological Development Zone in Zunyi, a historic city, covers an area of 134,000 square meters including a total construction area of 64,765 square meters.

The company, with over 260 staff, has set up a complete system of quality assurance, organization of production, market development and financial management, with the registered capital of 100 million yuan including first planned investment of 230 million yuan.

As a manufacturer of finished automobiles within the state plan, the company mainly produces cross-type mini-trucks such as GHT1020D, GHT1020S, GHT6360, GHT6400 etc., and plans to develop various models of light vehicles and their variants accordingly, such as SUV, MPV and pick-up, family sedans, etc.

I. General Information:

The company possesses 4 modern production lines of decoiling & blanking, stamping, welding, painting and assembly and 1 finished automobile detection line, of which the major equipment is imported from abroad, as well as 200 (set) large and medium-sized equipment and production lines. Now, after a series of technical reform, it has an annual output capacity of 100,000, with the first-class capacity of in the light vehicle production nationwide.

1. Stamping production line: Stamping workshop, covering a construction area of 17,323 square meters, has a decoiling & blanking line and installed three stamping production lines of large-, medium- and small-size, of which:
Decoiling & blanking line consists of 1 US decoiling blanker and 4 large plate shears.
Stamping line A installs 1 2,000-ton double-action mechanical press from Japan Komatsu Ltd. (Co.) and 3 1,000-ton single-action mechanical presses from Japan Fukui Corporation.

2. Welding production line: Welding workshop, covering a building area of 16,600 square meters, has 2 welding production lines of light trucks and light bus composed by equipment including nearly 300 welders, 3 flanging presses, etc. The key welding fixture and flanging dies are made by Japanese manufacturers, while assembly welding line, with air convey mechanism and ground transmission line , is designed by China and Japan jointly.

3. Coating production line: Coating workshop, covering a building area of 10,066 square meters, has the line in overall design by Shanghai Electrical and Mechanical Design and Research Institute. 4 subsystems of thick-film cathode electrophoresis system, electrophoresis drying room, PVC drying room, finish paint drying room, are designed and introduced key equipment by the British Haydn (HADEN), while key equipment of finish paint, paint mixing, paint transport and spraying, etc. are imported from US Greedrco. The main process flows of this line include pre-treatment, thick-film cathode electrophoresis, spraying PVC anti-stone-bumping paint and squeezing seam sealant, floating coating, finish paint, drying, etc. The line achieves the mixed-line production by adopting PC-controlled mechanized conveying system, and meets national environmental protection requirements for its disposal and recovery system of waste water, waste gas and waste residue.

4. Assembly line: the existing workshop has interior assembly and finished automobile assembly line of over 240 meters long totally, covering a construction area of 15,840 square meters.

5. Finished automobile testing line: In 2004, the company reformed the line according to International Requirements, so that testing equipment, due to the implementation of network processing, could conduct comprehensive product testing to ensure the performance quality of manufactured products and be highly responsible for users.

II. Production and Operation:
Present products: vehicle series of GHT1020D, GHT1020S, GHT6360, GHT6400, etc.
The company successfully opens up overseas markets, like Africa, the Middle East, South America, West Asia and other regions; and its production increases yearly since its establishment.

III. Product Quality
Space series mini-trucks are our new self-developed products to meet the needs of users and markets, with perfect supporting supply system to ensure the reliability of components. The company, with various complete process equipment, well-trained personnel and complete quality management, has passed the QS system certification and possesses the capability to ensure product consistency and quality.


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