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Lifan and Subaru in talks over possible JV

From China Car Times:
The rumors of who Subaru are planning to work with in the Chinese market to build a new joint venture partnership are getting out of hand, first it was Ford’s partner in JMC, then BAIC, SAIC, FAW, and a whole host of other acronym-ed named auto makers, the latest to be added to this list is Chongqing’s own Lifan.

Lifan are currently making the 320, 520 and 520 models for the Chinese market, and has its own engine range. Its not entirely clear what Lifan might bring to Subaru that Subaru cannot get from larger state owned manufacturers, but one guess might be cheap land and an existing factory.

Lifan is one of the stronger engine exporters and is a major motorbike manufacturer, it is also a privately owned company that is yet to IPO.
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