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This 56km/h offset test is (looks like) a legislation specs test. If the car meets these requirements it's EU road legal.

The QQ and Landwind tests were done at 64km/h and are also offset. Those tests are EURO-NCAP spec. (the QQ did reasonably well, better than the chevy spark/daewoo matiz, but suffered from the lack of an airbag)

The extra 10km/h of the NCAP test makes quite a difference in crash energy, the Lobo wouldn't look so hot in one of those tests.
The 10km/h increase in speed results in 40% increase in crash energy!

Why do you ask, well the 'energy' of the crash is related to "speed squared":

0.5 * mass * speed squared...

So 20% extra speed = 40% extra energy.

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