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First pictures of King Long's personal car:

Xiamen Golden Dragon Group, said a bulletin issued to consider the adoption of the joint subsidiary of Xiamen Golden Dragon Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. (the big dragon) the motion of investment projects: the joint companies to invest 134.04 million yuan dragon using original light-off production line mixing production A-class cars. Mainly for the market demand in developing countries, self-development for the 1.3L to 1.6L displacement of compact cars and light passenger use has built mixed line production line, sold in overseas markets. According to the company also disclosed a quarterly in 2010: operating income of 3.072 billion yuan, up 67.79%; net profit of 37.77 million yuan, an increase of 611 percent.

However, over the past six months, return to growth performance, Jinlong car is sinking into the bottom of the news. And recently, Jinlong car users to capture the most to production car photos. While still no more information related to this car, but from the car outside, this hatchback car styling and hippocampus were similar car series models. Also, remove Cikuan hatchback shape, the dragon should have the sedan , multi-vehicle models such as the preparation.

From the model of the outside, the Golden Dragon is not clear to begin walking on a high-profile models in the development of high-end road, but from a slightly open-minded and pragmatic A- Car gradually dry since. However, whether from the scale and the prospect of selling off the coast of view, the development of Jinlong road car is worth watching. There are no more on the new car news, will continue to pay attention.
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