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Wouldn't like to speculate now, but I feel it is unlikely that LSEVs will be made at FAW Jilin. Baoya's LSEVs would probably continue to be made at their current locations (Yazhi's new Xiangyang factory opened around two and a half years ago). I am assuming FAW Jilin might get new products and Baoya might even use FAW Jilin's license to upgrade any LSEV model to NEV, somewhat like Levdeo, although it is true that Levdeo was already on a stronger footing (technologically speaking) than Baoya is, when Levdeo took over Yema.

Yazhi (aka Yaqi?)
Yazhi is not Yaqi. Yazhi is a new (2017) brand with at least two models, EQ1 and EQ3.

Kuan (款) here refers to 2017 model year, so 2017款雅贝 (2017 kuan Yabei) means 2017 year/model/edition Yabei.

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