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Default Liebao Models and Mitsubishi Pajero

Liebao Feiteng

CFA6400A CFA6400B CFA6400C CFA6400D

Adopting the super four-wheel drive system that Mitsubishi developed newly,with the vigor,the powerful motive force performance and better steady performance. And,with lower oil consumption,etc.When you drive Liebao Feiteng,you will feel comfort and proud.

——The automobile can drive freely on any road conditions and equipped with MPI engine, a powerful motive force.
——Adopting 4WD driving system of Mitsubishi.
——With a fashion appearance.
——Steady and safe.
——A beautiful landscape in the city.
——Simple operation and comfortable space make your travel happily.
——Chang Feng Liebao Grow speedly.
Technical index

+Top product always has exclusive quality and technology.
+With Mitsubishi engine,super 4WD SS4—1 system.
+With outstanding appearance.

(4WD SS4—1)
Five-pole Screw spring rear suspending frame
Double air cell
Steering wheel
Screw spring front suspending frame
ABS system (with EBD)
Frontrow belt
Gear-style Redirector with front/rear fixedness
Difference speed device of rear wheel (C、DType)
Door with safety system
Power sunroof(C、DType)
Silver Bumper(Front)
(front door)Sunshade
Syringe offront light(C、Dtype)
Touch Power sunroof
Grasses sunshade(Rear window/rear door)
Sunshade with stripe(Rear door)
Tyre 215/65R16
Ele.rearview mirror
Oil box tool
∷ Remarks:The above-mentioned is not the standard for the inspection,and Chang Feng Motors Co.,Ltd has the right to interpret them.

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