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Black giant

☆ Liebao CFA2030C/D(Black Giant) with the valiant temperament.
☆ With 6G72 S4 MPI Engine
☆ 182 P horse
☆ 170 km/h
☆ Save gas
☆ Superselect 4WD
Press procedure adopts original production line that is PAJERO of Mitsubishi,and the coating craft adopts the technology from Germany Duer Company.The remarkable technology is ensured.The car boosts strong horsepower,good cross country performance,advanced equipment,safety and comfort driving performance with majestic-looking and handsome shape revealing energy and vitality.The car is the major product in market competition.
The automobile appearance is more mighty and more intrepid ! With the powerful engine,the design of environmental protection and energy-conservation.All these present to your perfect driving and experience,seem more majestic-looking even more!

+Imposing manner
With a wider automobile body,a powerful motive force. Majestic-looking, the imposing manner is sheer.
+Top engine
With Mitsubishi engine,180 horse, 255N.m power and sloping 70%.
ECU engine system,the discharge standard of the Europe II, save the energy extremely.
+Safety and comfortable
Design according with human body structure,feel Safety and comfortable.
The anticollisional body,the anticollisional girder steel, electronic ABS,speed device anti-slip,double safe gasbag,safety belt, pillow,brake light,children's protector,plated chromium guard rail, the lock,air conditioner,motive force direction,steering column,electronic rear-view mirror,sea level altimeter,CD player,rain controller,defrost glass and rain brush ,electronic skylight,genuine leather sofa.
GSM burglary-resisting system,electronic aerial,VCD, rear-view mirror in the radar ranging,electronic capstan,anti-fog light,luggage rack,spare tyre bracket,CD change disc machine,headlight wash device, GPS global position system,meter platform,electronic compass,semiconductor refrigerator , central lock remote controller.

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