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Possessing the comfortableness and the spacious space of the station wagon, with lower oil consumption , superior performance. As the business car,it become first-selection of the government and small/mid enterprise.Adopting 4G64 S4MPI Mitsubishi engine; Max power 92/5500(km/r/min).
To manufacture off-road vehicles with world-class technology! The top engine of Mitsubishi,six-jar motive force. Consummate off-road performance,allocate completely,adorn luxuriously inside, it is comfortable and honourable to enjoy.
Easy,but remarkable definitely!The carriage is spacious and comfortable,the rear wheel is driven powerfully.With the fuel-efficient energy-conservation and the environmental protection motive force,it realize the perfect balance of performance and price really.
+ Energy-conservation
With a computer spray accurately,more abundant burning,reduce the amount of oil consumption,and economize the energy.

+ Comfortable
The design according to human structure,with spacial room,comfortable and unrestrained enjoy.
+ Safety
With high-speed tyre for safety.
+ Environmental protection
With Mitsubishi engine, Europe II stander.
+ Equipment
The anticollisional body,the anticollisional girder steel,safety belt, pillow,brake light,children's protector,plated chromium guard rail,the lock,air conditioner,motive force direction,steering column,electronic rear-view mirror,radio, rain brush ,and spare wheel cover.
+ Others(select)
GSM burglary-resisting system,electronic aerial,VCD, rear-view mirror in the radar ranging,electronic capstan,anti-fog light,luggage rack,spare tyre bracket,CD change disc machine,headlight wash device, GPS global position system,meter platform,electronic compass,semiconductor refrigerator , central lock remote controller.

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