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Default Letin Mengo (A10E)

Levdeo unveiled a new small hatchback (prototype) as well as a new brand name and revealed some of its future plans.

The small electric hatchback, codenamed A10E, is called Mengo (芒果). The four-seat minicar measures 3622 x 1607 x 1525 mm with a wheelbase of 2442 mm. It will be offered with a host of "intelligent" features such as driver assistance, automatic parking, and some level of autonomous function. Curiously, no motor/battery/performance parameters have been revealed, so we don't know whether it is a full NEV or an LSEV, although it appears to be the former. Neither has the interior been revealed although there is a graphic showing the dashboard partially. A two-door version is in the works.

The new brand name is "LETIN", derived from Chinese leiding (雷丁).

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