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Old 04-04-2006, 05:04 PM   #1
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Default SAIC Hopes to Export to U.S. by 2010

Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp., a government-owned behemoth, has worked side by side with General Motors Corp. and Volkswagen AG on world-class assembly lines to build cars for the Chinese market.
Now, The Chinese auto maker is aiming to export 50,000 units annually of SAIC-brand models by the end of the decade. Found this statement in a article..
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Default Saic Usa

I wonder if they will use the Rover name on these US cars.......
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Post SAIC's GLOBAL plan for world domination

SAIC have a plan:

Shanghai Automobile will enter European markets in 2007

China's financial network
At 2:00 p.m. on April 27, 2006 8 pm

China's vehicle manufacturers SAIC Motor Corporation will use British MG Rover as a platform, and starting next year enter the European market.

At the same time, SAIC may also manufacture cars in Europe, and eventually started in the world market for major automobile car.

"We will be the first overseas markets including the UK, Iberian Peninsula, Central and Eastern European region, and Latin America," SAIC Motor Manufacturing Ltd. CEO said.

First, the entering of the European market cars will be based on the design of the Rover 75, other cars in 2008 gradually unveiled.

To 2010, SAIC will be in Europe and Latin America to establish their own factories, and will enter North America, Russia, Australia and the Middle East region.

The company is currently negotiating with the German car company BMW to discuss the purchase of two car brand name rights.
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I wish them luck
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Old 04-27-2006, 06:37 PM   #5
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Me too....
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Personally I think if SAIC do buy Rover (and/or maybe even Triumph?) then they must open a plant in the UK. Nanjing have won a lot of good will and I think the Nanjing MG will steal a lot of sales off SAIC because they are seen has showing a lot of respect to the brands core values. I'm not saying SAIC need to make all the cars in the UK, but one model at least would mean that people would take them more seriously in the UK......

...and if they do want Triumph then this is an absolute must. Triumph has a loyal classic car fan base and a fairly big following. The kind of people that follow the mark tend to really know everything about the brand, a British made sportscar is an absolute MUST!

BTW I own a Triumph Stag and mix with a lot of 'Triumph people' so I say this with some certainty....
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Default "Red Rover not ready to come over" to Europe and US

The Australian News

Red Rover not ready to come over
Geoff Dyer, Beijing
November 20, 2006
SHANGHAI Automotive had postponed plans to export Rover-based cars to Europe and the US in order to concentrate on the Chinese market, a senior executive said at the weekend.
Phil Murtaugh, the former head of General Motors in China who now runs Shanghai Auto's international operations, said the company would only begin to export the cars once they had become successful in the local market.

His comments are the latest indication that the much-hyped invasion of the US and European car markets by Chinese brands will be much slower than had been expected. Chery and Geely, two other ambitious Chinese car makers, have also recently delayed their planned entry to the US market. Shanghai Auto executives said earlier in the year that they hoped to begin selling the Rover-based cars in Britain and some other European countries from 2007.

"We have to get it right at home before we go outside of China," said Mr Murtaugh in the first interview he has given since moving to Shanghai Auto in September. "I do not know when we will start exporting."

Shanghai Auto bought the rights to the designs of two Rover models shortly before the British car maker collapsed last year. Another Chinese company, Nanjing Auto, later acquired the rights to several MG models. The Rover name is owned by Ford and Shanghai Auto is launching its cars in the Chinese market under the new brand name Roewe, although analysts believe it will try to acquire the rights to the Rover name from Ford when it launches its vehicles overseas.

State-owned Shanghai Auto is considered one of the Chinese companies with the best chances of successfully building its own car brand because of its manufacturing pedigree - its joint ventures with General Motors and Volkswagen are the biggest car makers in the fast-growing Chinese market.

Mr Murtaugh said the company would be able to build quality cars but the biggest challenge it faced was establishing a good customer service system, of which few Chinese companies had any experience.

Although a number of multinational companies are considering exporting cars from their plants in China, Mr Murtaugh said there was little chance that the car-making industry would shift to China, as many other manufacturing sectors have, because wages were rising quickly.

"There are not going to be too many more years when you will see low-cost and China in the same sentence," he said. "It is really expensive to put cars on a boat and ship them around the world. Why do you think the Japanese and Koreans have invested so much in new plants in the US?"

A number of senior industry executives are in Beijing this weekend for the country's annual motor show, a sign of the increasing importance of the Chinese market to the auto sector.

DaimlerChrysler chief executive Dieter Zetsche said the company was still discussing a manufacturing deal with a number of potential partners to make small vehicles for the group. One of the companies involved in the talks is believed to be Chery, the Chinese company.
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Makes me wonder whether the SAIC Rover copy is really all that good once you dig beneath the surface. They could easily distribute this model via Ssangyong dealers so perhaps there's more to this....
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Well considering that this is SAIC's debut even in their home market as their own brand, I think it is quite possible that they are honest about focusing on their home market first.
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Perhas they are still trying to buy the Rover brand. Or maybe even the Land Rover brand too....
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