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Old 04-16-2006, 01:19 AM   #1
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Default Rover 75 coupe

should SAIC produce this 75 coupe

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I am very bussy with the Antonov Automatic Transmission Company.

Antonov is very active in with China Companies. (GWM and SAIC for sure) and some other companies we do not no.

If you have any information about (spy) pictures of the new (Chinees) Rover 75. Please let me know. Ik Think that in the new Rover 75 there will be placed an automatic transmission based on the Antonov technic/patentents
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this is a beautiful car, i think they should produce it
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that would be an instant seller for SAIC. a good introduction for the company unto the world stage.
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I'm not sure SAIC can legally build a production version of the Rover 75 Coupé. I'm sure that their £67 million payment to MG Rover for the IP rights to the Rover 25 and 75 designs only covered models that were in production at the time, which the 75 Coupé was not.

It's more likely that the IP rights for the Rover 75 Coupé along with the MG GT Coupé passed to NAC when they bought the remaining assets of MG Rover for £53 million in July 2005.
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