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Default Re: RunPard (Lanbao) SUV

We are digressing from the topic, but still:

GAC was the controlling shareholder of Hunan Changfeng Auto (or GAC Changfeng Auto) for a few years only. After the formation of the GAC-Mitsubishi JV in 2012, Changfeng Group, Hunan Changfeng Auto's previous owner bought back the company without the Changsha plant which was retained by GAC-Mitsubishi. Two other factories in Chuzhou (Anhui) and Yongzhou (Hunan) came back to the Changfeng Group, along with the Liebao brand. These factories are now placed under a subsidiary Anhui Liebao Auto. Anhui Liebao Auto's shares are held by a new entity Hunan Liebao Auto (as Hunan Changfeng Auto does not exist as a company anymore) of the Changfeng group. Yes, Hunan Provincial govt's. assets commission owns the Changfeng group.

See this for a good history article.
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Default Re: RunPard (Lanbao) SUV

According to a report about Changfeng, in
.... in "2008 most sales , close to 70%, were to police, military, and other government agencies."

Judging by DMitra's very good history article referral, Liebao's website, and other sources, Changfeng was a company made up of steadfast patriots, who were very proud of the company's military heritage. But at the close of the 2000s, with a view to entering the lucrative, and growing, civilian auto market it was attracted to the technology advances offered by GAC and its very profitable association with the renowned winners, Toyota and Honda. But it appears that the marriage of these two Chinese companies was lacking committed partners who, although now sleeping in the same bed, had much different dreams.
Now Changfeng appears to have regained its proud independence, less some assets, (including Mitsubishi ties) and has taken on a new moniker, "Liebao" of Hunan Province, or "Leopaard", a somewhat odd translation to English.
However, like other small Chinese automakers, now the company will be forced to refocus its sights on the future, rather than the past, and try to surge ahead in the areas of NEV, connected, and self-driving technology, in order to survive.
We will be watching.....
Sorry for the further digression. Perhaps some of this might be shifted over to the "Changfeng Liebao" section.

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