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Old 08-01-2007, 06:47 AM   #21
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according to austin-rover's latest news...Nanjing will only build the MG3, if they get investment or the merger with SAIC goes ahead.
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Old 08-01-2007, 08:57 AM   #22
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I say they refresh the int and ext and build it!!!
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Old 08-01-2007, 01:12 PM   #23
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Originally Posted by mdocherty
according to austin-rover's latest news...Nanjing will only build the MG3, if they get investment or the merger with SAIC goes ahead.
That might be true for building it at Longbridge, but this is expected to be their best selling model in China as not all Chinese people can afford a car like the MG-7! It should be in production before the end of the year.

Also that "merger" isn't a merger and little will happen on it until well into next year. It is a partnership, similar to the Rover-Honda partnership of a few years ago.
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Old 08-06-2007, 06:35 PM   #24
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I think your find some what of a differance between Honda and SAIC!
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Old 08-07-2007, 04:12 AM   #25
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Not so much of a difference between the Honda of the early 1980s and the SAIC of today.

Do you see?
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Old 08-09-2007, 09:53 PM   #26
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WOW cool S2000 Rally MG

They look quite nice
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Old 08-14-2007, 05:15 PM   #27
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I take it that its a China only Job?
Shame they didn't re-skin it then they could have thought about exports to UK.
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Old 08-14-2007, 07:56 PM   #28
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its a cute city car if ur on a budget
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Old 08-15-2007, 03:50 AM   #29
CCF mod
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I doubt MG cars will be cheap. In Europe Rovers were more expensive than competition, though technologicaly outdated.
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Old 08-17-2007, 02:06 PM   #30
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This Is from Keith Adams site in ENGLAND:-

We'd saved and we'd decided; we were going to have a new ZR with all the bells and whistles once the facelifted versions were announced. Leaving aside the awful practice of buying a car from a delaership (I think we settled on the 9th dealership) we ordered. And waited until September 1st had been and gone, some 3 months after placing an order. This was unbelievable at the time; the new cars had been annouced and MG-R has misread the demands (from customers as well as creditors!) meaning frequent factory lay-off and go-slows.

Anyway, the car duly arrived and looked great, we'd ordered the lastest solid Red called 'Rio' (which proved to be loss leader for MG-R) complete with 'black burl' facia from the 25 range for an additional 10p! No sooner had the car arrived than the faults started, but how bad could they be when the car dove this well?.

Immediately we noticed the steering wheel was way off centre, the passenger door didn't fit, the throttle pedal had two modes -on and off, a rear speaker was blown and there were rattles from the driver's door, tailgate and dashboard. When it rained, more faults came to light, if the intermittant setting for wipers were selected, the new electric tailgate release would trigger, or the front fogs would flash. Occassionally, the air-con would come on itself. Then the front indicators filled with water and the headlights misted-up. Amusing until it irritated. The throttle pedal was fixed by routing the cable correctly and actually assembling the lower dash, the intermittant wipers problem was partially cured by fitting a supressor and the speaker replaced. The steering wheel was centred on the second attempt and the tailgate rattle was traced to a very lose lock, although the taligate never seemed to shut 'right'. However, by now it had taken to not starting and brimming the tank was tricky affair. The fuel tank issue was never sorted, MG-R had made a cheap plastic filler system that simply didn't work. We never bothered brimming the tank again as fuel nozzles never cut-off correctly resulting a a absolute dousing in sans plomb. 3 days later in the dealership couldn't trace the non-starting fault. Eventually, the AA diagnosed the fault; the start motor hadn't been fitted correctly and was falling out.

Grind away the lower cill seam to give clearance, thats the official fix that was carried out on the passenger side...

More faults came to light, the new stylish airvents didn't rotate, they were replaced, the air-con began to whistle, this would later become a howl, while the power steering growled. The sunvisors fell out, the headrest trims came apart, the internal door handles fell apart, the plastic seat trim snapped. Still, we poilished the car and noticed over-spray, mislaigned panels and bumpers. The 160 badge washed away and the MG badge delaminated. The bodyshell started to creak. Then without warning one night, a VVC camshaft snapped leaving us stranded. By now MG-R had gone bust, so we were without warranty, there were no dealers left in the north east. Adding insult to injury, we'd paid 575 for 3 years AA and servicing in advance which was now worthless. Mike Satur supplied the parts as these are no longer manufactured.......but more engine faults came to light. An incorrectly fitted cranksensor and a knackered primary O2 sensor.

The remote central locking was also giving us trouble. It was explained that MG-R had taken time to hide away the security electrics to slow theives, but failed to upgrade the remote handsets, hence the pitiful range. The rear Calipers were now starting to stick and howl, something that contiuned off and on throughout ownership. Still, the cars was now running again, although it seemed slightly hesitant at low revs. A change of ignition leads and the above mentioned Oxygen Sensor attempted to stop this without much sucess. We visited MG Sport And Racing where we bought a SV-esq front splitter and X-Power Springs and a ITG air intake system at vast expense. The bodyshop initially refused to paint the splitter as the quality was so poor. They refused to believe anything that bad could be described as Orignial Equipment. To this day, the quality of that splitter is a disappintment. The nice engineer who set-up ZR chassis knew nothing of the X-Power spring range and was miffed someone with the factory saw fit to mess with his spring rates. The ITG system was a pig to fit and seemed to pollute the oil at an alarming rate, although claims of an extra 10bhp felt true. The engine oil was changed at between 3k and 6k miles throughout its life. after 12k miles had accumulated it went across to mobil 1 oil with a full flush every second oil change.

The front end received two resprays while the rear just the one - the paint wasn't resiliant at all. Then the head Gasket started leaking externally. We were just about to do this when the second camshaft snapped on the motorway. Another new camshaft from the ever helpful Mike Satur. While the head was off, the some values need regrinding due to pitting - despite being run on BP petrol for the vast majority of the time. A third oxygen sensor was fitted along with new spark plugs to stop the low-rev stutter to no effect. This needed removing to be cleaned periodically. New software was uploaded to give the engine a lease of life. By now, the VVC mechanisms themselves was as loud as a cold L series at full chatter. I even fitted the diesel sound-proofing kit to save more embarrassment. As a active committee member for the local MGOC, people would come and ask what a Diesel ZR was like to drive so loud was the chatter. They were shocked when I said it was petrol. The lowest point was when a good friend and MG nutter who is a highly qualified engineer commented on the joke 160 badges on my 'diesel'. "ITS A PETROL" I said biting his head off much to both of our embarassment. MG-R had ignored its engineers concerns and denied an oil feed to the VVC mechanisms, while its labourers didn't give the required concern while assembling the units were the offical reasons for the death rattle.

The bodyshell was now groaning so much we bought a rear strut brace to quell the shake. However, it seemed to be too late - in wet conditions water would creap through the rear wheel arch seams. The top tailgate seems were going rusty and if the vehicle was on anything but straight ground, the doors wouldn't open perfect. The drivers door was now out of alignment and the window regulator was playing-up. The cure for the aligment? Grind away the lower cill seam to give clearance, thats the official fix that was carried out on the passenger side. The reason? MG-R skimpted on the thickness of the steel. The door card would now foul the rubber trim making getting in and out a real paint. You literally had to reattach the door card virtually each time the door was opened. The vehicle was now stutterling at low revs ever more violently. This was now making the doors creak on their hinges and latches. A quick tighten was need every 3k miles. Those latches and hinges wouldn't stay tight for some reason.

It stalled too easily and increasingly frequently too, no doubt related to that bloody stutter which seemed to affect starting. Oil consumption wasn't anything to write home about either, I tried to stem the leaks, but the rocker cover had stripped the threads for the bolts. Coolant was being lost again - this time due to the expansion cap failing along with hose clips. Both items cost-cutted by MG-R. It was turning into a nightmare. One day Melanie came home from work and was stuck in the car. The drivers door had snagged the trim and she couldn't force it while the motor on the passenger side had took to shrieking instead of actually working. Lastly, the gearknob had worn out, the most simple of things. It would fly off when a quick gearchange was executed, so too did the front bumper inserts around the indicators and fogs - they'd been inadquedly designed. Shockingly, given the type of the use the vehicle was subjected to, the full exhuast had rusted through in just 2 years- replacements are Original Equipent only for the 160. This meant X-Part and the cost was 300 alone for the back box. X-Part had whacked prices up to cover the soft-tooling programe which produced replacement panels with the demise of the factory. Never have I seen such a poor quality origninal exhaust system. The car had to go, but even selling it privately for less than 'trade' had not takers what-so-ever. Time then to trade it in, only no sensible dealer wanted it. Those who did insulted us. Eventually we part-exchanged it for an obsolete ex-rental Mondeo some 3 months before its third birthday, meaning it had shed some 10k in that short time. We always knew we'd bought a car which hemoraged cash, MG-R themselves lobbed 20% off the purchase price through their Privledge Vehicle Scheme the week we picked 'Rio' up. But to have lost 10k and suffered those faults is an awful lot to forgive.

And people wonder why the public stayed away from MG-R products in their droves.
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