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Default Re: Kawei auto

Can you tell us what a JNQ license is?
And can we now expect the newcomer Huazi , holder of the much coveted license, to pick up and run with Kawei's unusually wide range of model offerings?
Going forward it also seems there should be some prospect of EV production in the transition.
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Default Re: Kawei auto

"JNQ" is the enterprise code for Zhangjiagang Jiangnan Auto → Jiangsu Kawei Auto → Jiangsu Huazi.

An enterprise code is awarded by NDRC (earlier SDPC) to an enterprise when it receives its production license. When it passes from one enterprise to another during any transaction, e.g. acquisition, merger, or restructuring, the code might remain the same or be changed on application (the underlying license does not change). Several enterprises within a group, or somehow connected, may share the same enterprise code (like "BJ" for a number of BAIC-affiliated companies) even though production licenses may have been granted separately. Often we say "XX license" to refer to that production license and to the concerned enterprise by way of shorthand.

When vehicles (models) are granted type approvals, the 4-digit numeric code + any alphanumeric differentiator are prefixed with the enterprise code, such as "JNQ6463E5" where JNQ is the enterprise code, 6463 is the 4-digit numeric code, and E5 identifies a particular variant.

I don't know what Huazi will do with the production license, i.e. whether they'll continue to produce existing models, come up with new ones, or help some other unlicensed companies to produce their vehicles under OEM contracts. Huazi's plans are not public as of now. As far as EVs are concerned, that is entirely possible; even Kawei used to have a few electric vehicle models in its program.

...Kawei's unusually wide range of model offerings
I think my statement was misunderstood/unclear: the 26 passenger vehicles and 11 Kawei SUVs mentioned are units produced and sold, not number of models. Refer to my first paragraph:
Kawei had been producing, of late in minute quantities...
Due to inadequate production for quite some years, Kawei had been receiving warnings from MIIT that its license could be revoked (see the first post of this thread). Kawei produced 110 units of passenger vehicles in 2017, 60 in 2018, and just 26 in 2019 (yes, for the whole year). Perhaps seeing the writing on the wall, Kawei thought it better to transfer the license rather than risk letting it lapse.

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