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Old 04-11-2006, 01:41 PM   #1
Chery Driver
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Default Isuzu to sell the 2006 Grand Vitara in China

BEIJING - Isuzu plans to introduce the completely new 2006 Grand Vitara SUV to China market, so as to boost the business development in China. The retail price will be ranged from ?80,000 to ?30,000
The new products come with 1.6, 2.0 and 2.7-liter version, powered by a V6 engine. Standard features include six airbags, ESP.
It will be distributed through the sales network of Isuzu, mainly from that of Changhe-Suzuki, one of the two joint vetures of Isuzu in China.
The Changhe-Suzuki, based in Nanchang of Jiangxi Province, is now producing the Beidouxing mini van and Liana hatchback and sedan. A new engine assembly plant is under construction, which will not only supply to the two subsidiaries of Isuzu in China but also the overseas plants.
Actually, the Vitara was introduced to China early in 1990's, but only a very small sales
Source from: China Auto Information, Published on 4/5/2006
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Default Isuzu and other Japanese links in China

It's tough to find info on the exact type of links that Japanese car companies have in China. Tech agreements seem to outnumber actual joint ventures. I was unaware Admin of a link between Chang'he and Isuzu, although the Suzuki joint venture with Chang'he goes back as far as 1995.

Also I wonder about a Great Wall-Isuzu link. It looks like the Hover is an Isuzu Axiom clone, but I have not heard of a formal tie up of the two companies. Can any one shed some light on this? Without a tie-up it seems like there could be some potential intellectual property issues.

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erik (laofan), cmvdc
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In this press cutting there is a big confusion between Isuzu and Suzuki. In fact it goes only about Suzuki, so you must read everytime they say Isuzu=Suzuki.
Isuzu is linked to Jiangling and Qingling. There is no link between GreatWall and Isuzu. Everything GreatWall uses form Isuzu is without formal approval from Isuzu. So when the Hover is a copy of the Axiom, than GreatWall can expect trouble.
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Default Re: Isuzu to sell the 2006 Grand Vitara in China

Hi Laofan:
It took me awhile but I have finally found your input on my question. Thank you. I guess we could think of it as Isuzuki.

It doesn't look like the Japanese makers have any intentions of pursuing the most recent Intellectual Property infringements, including the Hover. Perhaps they feel that complaining puts them in a bad light.

As for Isuzu, it has really made its mark on the industry in China, by way of its Frontier SUV and TF pickup body styles. They seem to have been copied by a majority of small SUV and pickup makers.

And when it comes to Japanese manufacturers in general, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Suzuki and Daihatsu really made an impact on China's auto industry in its earliest stages.

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