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Default Re: Geely Automotive business news

Geely targets methanol-powered cars

September 10, 2008

ZHEJIANG Geely Holdings Group said it will start mass producing methanol-powered vehicles by the end of the year, becoming the latest domestic car maker to make new energy-saving cars which will account for 10 percent of the total production of the industry within five years.

The privately-owned car maker plans to launch a methanol version of its Haifeng sedan by the end of 2008, according to a statement released by the company yesterday.

Driven by both pure methanol and fuel, the car is able to save energy consumption by more than 40 percent compared with existing models of energy-saving cars.

Geely has launched a series of dual-module vehicles since this year to meet government requirement to speed up the development of fuel-efficient and less-polluting models for sustained growth of the industry.

Its green fleets will also include a model which uses natural gas and a unique hybrid system, which could save fuel consumption by more than 50 percent.

The new technologies will be used in Geely's mainstream models such as Vision, Free Cruiser and King Kong sedans.

Geely's new energy vehicle blueprint plans to develop 5 hybrid sedans including electric cars as well as hydrogen vehicles, according to Li Shufu, its chairman.

Wan Gang, minister of science and technology, said the production of new energy vehicles will total 10,000 units by 2010. Fuel-efficient and new energy vehicles will account for 10 percent of the total vehicle production nationwide by 2012.

Shanghai GM's hybrid LaCrosse sedan, Toyota's Prius and Chang'an Auto Group's Jiexun sedan are the three Chinese-made clean energy vehicles available in the market.

Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp, the nation's biggest car maker, aims to boost the annual output of new energy cars to 50,000 units by 2010.

The auto maker also plans to manufacture 1,000 units of hydrogen vehicles during the same period, it said.
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Default Re: Geely Automotive business news

Geely cuts outlook for sales expansion

September 22, 2008

ZHEJIANG Geely Holdings Group has cut its sales growth from 30 percent to 20 percent this year, Chairman Li Shufu said, adding that it will stop making cars costing less than 40,000 yuan (US$5,882).

China's largest privately owned car maker attributed the slower growth to rising material costs and a tough economic environment.

''I have to say we have revised the sales target and we will avoid a price war,'' Li said at the Operation and Management Innovation Summit 2008 over the weekend.

He added that making cheap cars at a time of increasing material costs ''won't help anyone survive.''

In 2007, Geely's sales totaled more than 219,200 units and some of its models cost only 20,000 yuan. Geely will instead focus on cars costing above 40,000 yuan.

In August, domestic vehicle sales dropped month on month for the first time this year, according to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers.

The sluggish car sales came amid an economic slowdown and the sluggish stock market, which lost almost two-thirds of its value since October.

Geely said two weeks ago that it will start mass producing methanol-powered vehicles by the end of the year.

Geely is waking up ? Making cheap cars and fighting a price war will just make Chinese domestic makers go down together.
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Default Re: Geely Automotive business news

I like Geely,it is a good company.
Jason Zhang


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Default Re: Geely Automotive business news

Geely Automobile sales volume slightly up in September

Oct 15, 2008

Geely Automobile Holdings has announced that the total sales volume of the group's five 91%-owned subsidiaries was 15,975 units in September 2008, up 0.5% over September 2007.
For the first three quarters of 2008, the total sales volume of the five subsidiaries was 152,899 units, up 22.4% over the same period of 2007, achieving 66% of full year sales volume target of 230,000 units. The company has exported approximately 3,000 cars in September 2008.
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Default Re: Geely Automotive business news

Geely Auto recruits talents, bucking market slide

November 04, 2008

Shanghai, November 4 ( While many Chinese automakers are cutting outputs and jobs, a few are defying the trend of the auto market downturn to expand their operations. Like SAIC-GM-Wuling, Geely Auto is recruiting more talents for its growth amid the crisis of China's auto industry, reported Shanghai Securities News today.

Recent news abounds that Chery Auto, Jianghuai Auto, Changan Ford and other carmakers in China have plans to lay off some employees and reduce the output, because these companies are unable to fulfill this year's sales targets and their inventories are piling up as a result of the persistent downturn in the auto market. And this disturbing market trend will likely carry over into 2009.

But contrary to the general crisis, the sales of SAIC-GM-Wuling Auto and Geely Auto have benn booming recently. In the first nine months this year, Geely Auto sold 167,939 vehicles, up 10.8% year on year (y/y), exported 38,116 units, up 86.52% y/y, and achieved sales revenue of 9.42 billion yuan ($1.38 billion), up 24.81% y/y.

"Although the auto industry is suffering from the global financial turmoil, the performance sales of Geely Auto have been satisfactory this year to date. We have not laid off any employees these days and are recruiting new talents instead," said a top executive of the privately-owned Chinese carmaker.

Sources said that Geely Auto started in mid-October to recruit nearly 600 graduates from 17 universities across China, and these new employees come from tens of study fields such as foreign languages, engineering dynamics and marketing & sales.

In another development, SAIC-GM-Wuling said last week that the joint venture company will not cut any jobs now and will give its employees a pay raise of 8% or so. Construction of its West Plant is just completed and this facility's upcoming operation will need more staff.
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Default Re: Geely Automotive business news

Geely sets up Xiangtan base for Vision production

November 07, 2008

Shanghai, November 7 ( Yesterday, Chinese car-maker Geely completed construction of its production base located in Xiangtan city, Hunan province. The new facility with an annual capacity of 100,000 will produce high-end Geely Vision, Beijing News said today.

Amid the global economic turmoil, big three American automakers and some domestic automakers are experiencing business slowdown and job cuts, but the privately-owned Chinese carmaker Geely is still stepping up its effort to extend production .

The Geely Xiangtan plant covers 373,520 squre meters, with an annual capacity of 100,000 vehicles. Geely vice president Liu Jinliang said the Xiangtan plant will focus on making all Vision-series as well as the production of models for overseas markets.

With Xiangtan factory put into production, Geely Ningbo plant has shifted from both making Vision and Free Cruiser to manufacturing Free Cruiser only.

Currently Geely owns four sedan production bases distributed in Linhai, Luqiao, Ningbo in Zhejiang province and Shanghai, with overall capacity reaching 300,000 units. Besides, the automaker also plans to have new factories in Jinan, Lanzhou and Chengdu.

Data released by Geely showed that Geely sales rose by 27% year on year to 130,000 units from January to August this year.
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Default Re: Geely Automotive business news

Do this company already producing their product world wide?
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Default Re: Geely Automotive business news

Geely Auto expands facilities for new models

November 10, 2008

Shanghai, November 10 ( While the global auto market is sliding and many Chinese carmakers are mulling job cuts, Geely Auto bucks the trend by expansion. Its Hunan-based Xiangtan facility for producing the Geely Vision model was inaugurated last week, the Linhai base has been re-vamped and other plants are also being expanded, said today.

Meanwhile, Geely Auto has restructured its brand lineup, planning to phase out its existing Geely and Maple brands and re-designing them, among others, as three new brands of Eagle, Imperial (Dihao) and Shanghai Yinglun.

The newly expanded Xiangtan base, now with a monthly capacity of 3,000 units, will focus on developing and making models of the Vision series for the domestic and global markets. The Xiangtan plant has made Geely Kingkong sedans for one year, but this brand will give way to the Vision production.

The Linhai facility in Zhejian province has made the Vision and Freedom Cruiser Freedom models, and the Vision production line has now moved to Xiangtan. A Geely employee said that the Freedom Cruiser is currently the best-selling model of Geely, with about 70,000 units sold a year, but the Linhai plant has only an annual two-shift capacity of 100,000 units, not enough to make the two models at the same time.

The Linhai base has stopped producing the Merrie, Haoqing, Uliou and Beauty Leopard (BL) models and the BL will be re-designed as a model called China Dragon. Recently the facility has been revamped and expanded and will mass-produce the newly launched Geely Panda model as well.

There are four other Geely plants across China. The Jinan facility will make high-end Geely model such as Geely FC-2, the Lanzhou base will focus on assembling Kingkong and Freedom Cruiser cars for the northwestern Chinese and East Aisa markets, the Chengdu plant will make Geely SUVs, and the Guilin base will be a new R&D center for Geely Auto.

After its strategic brand restructuring, Geely Auto will shift its focus onto making high-end cars, with more than 40 new models (on 15 platforms) to hit each segment of the up-market. By promoting its all-new brand series - Eagle, Imperial (Dihao), Shanghai Yinglun and more in the years ahead, Geely Auto aims to reach annual sales of 2 million cars by 2015.
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Default Re: Geely Automotive business news

Geely Says Goodbye to Low-price Competition

Thu. November 13, 2008

Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd one of China's top private carmakers, has started its strategic transformation since 2007, waving a farewell to the low-price competition, said the chairman, Li Shufu.

The company has not produced the vehicles worth around CNY 30,000 any more, and seven to eight Geely car models have been eliminated. In particular, this automaker has substituted Free Cruiser, KingKong, Vision for its three outdated car models, including Haoqing, Merrie, and Uliou.

In the first half of this year, the sales volume of its three new car models accounted for 95% of the total, jumping 23.8% percentage points from a year earlier.

Along with the completion of the Global Geely Vision Manufacturing Base in the central Chinese city of Xiangtan, Hunan Province, on November 6, 2008, the company gave birth to the newest brand "Quanqiuying" (in Chinese). In the coming three to five years, Geely intends to create three to four sub- brands.

The Geely Chairman Li Shufu revealed that the company would unveil three to four new car models per year. Meanwhile, it is scheduled to set up five core technology platforms and 15 product platforms before 2015.

The financial crisis worldwide does not heavily struck Geely's export business, but its export volume has been on the decline since September 2008. Recently, it reduced the planned 2008 vehicle export volume to 40,000 from 60,000 or so.

Geely will be able to sell 230,000 vehicle this year, unless the global economic situation becomes worse, said Mr. Li. Remarkably, it intends to lift the sales target for the entire 2009.

In order to take the initiative in fending off the financial recession, the company built the Global Geely Vision Manufacturing Base. Covering a total area of around 373,520 square meters, the new base is composed of the pressing, painting, jointing, and final assembly centers, and its annual production capacity is expected to hit 100,000 vehicles.

Generally speaking, the Xiangtan-located base is designed to be responsible for development and production of the Geely Vision and other auto models adapt to the foreign markets in the near future.

As the first commercial family sedan model unveiled by Geely after the strategic reform, the Geely Vision made a fast and steady progress in the Chinese market. In particular, it is China's first self-developed car model that wins the 4-star rating of auto collision safety tests performed by the China New Car Assessment Program (C-NCAP).
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Default Re: Geely Automotive business news

Sales of Geely Auto in October (by model)

November 12, 2008

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