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Default Re: Cowin Xuanjie/Showjet (FX11)

Seems one of those names that suffers in direct English translation, even though it conveys the idea they were going for. Kind of like the infamous "Beauty Leopard".
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Default Re: Cowin Xuanjie/Showjet (FX11)

I believe Beauty Leopard was not a sanctioned name by Geely; it was a (Google?) translation used by enthusiasts, much like "Kingbox" for Heijin'gang.
The official Anglicization was "Mybo". Chinese car veterans may please confirm (or refute; I may be wrong).

Showjet, however, is an official name, not really a translation as such but sort of a phonetic approximation. The translation of Xuanjie is something akin to "shine/dazzle around (within a given realm or boundary)".
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Default Re: Cowin Xuanjie/Showjet (FX11)

This discussion may have uncovered the answer to my long standing question of why Changfeng Auto insists on using Leopaard with its double "a", in naming its SUV.
D Mitra, I do think that Geely did sanction the use of "Beauty Leopard" along with Mybo, Mybao and PS4. Our authority, Laofan, can back me up here.
As recently as 2008, the year the model was discontinued, George Gao, writer for, referred to it as Beauty Leopard (BL) in his article published November 10th, "Geely Auto Expands Facilities for New Models".
And so it was an Intellectual Property problem that was actually at play within the realm of Chinese domestic (homeland) manufacturers.....Leopaard had to be used because "Leopard" was protected by Geely or some other manufacturer like Dong'an, maker of Heibao (Black Leopard), or perhaps even Hafei's Saibao (Racing Leopard).
As a point of interest, the National Museum of Chinese History included the Geely Beauty Leopard as the classic product and permanent collection item of the automobile industry in the PRC, in September 2003. It was known as the first self-developed leisure sports car in the PRC, and cited with the “PRC Industrial Innovative Product Design Special Award” (中國工業設計創新特別大獎)
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Thanks, Lawrence, for the info.

Yes, I have found some documents from Geely Auto's HK site where "Beauty Leopard" is mentioned, so it was official.
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