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Old 05-26-2007, 12:20 PM   #11
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AMA Director,

I just spent some time on your site, numerous photos are not coming up, and some are quite blurry. I'm not a website expert...but photos should download quickly, and be clear.

Take a look at Pinks its a popular TV program, its a drag racing reality show with "negotiations" and old fashion way with a flagman (no elctronic Christmas tree).

In some ways it goes back to the roots of drag racing, with a mixture of street racing thrown in for good measure. Most of the participants use "nitrous" as the negotiator for the various runs.

The reason its called Pinks - in the good ole day of drag / street racing the ultimate bet was the car and the ownership of the car was know as the "pink slip" when you race for Pinks you lose the race, you lose the car.

The stakes and the emotions increase on each run.

Its very simple racing, done in a safe controlled area (a drag strip), you run what you bring, and you negotiate with you opponent or competition the old fashioned way - lenghts of cars at the start.

Heads Up - they start even.
On the Motor - just motors
Motor and Bottle - motor with nitrous (this is where the fun begins)
Lenghts - a car length.

A Starter - also called the flagman to start the race
Observers - people at the end of the quarter mile to see who won.

No timing equipement - on the premise that on a street race there would not be any timing equipment.

Its also known as match racing or bracket racing - any 2 cars can race with a lenght or time advantage for the slower car.

Take a look at Dragtimes

In North America up to an 11.5 second run by NHRA rules you can do it with a stock vehicle, faster that 11.5 seconds - Roll Bars - Helmets - additional safety equipment.

For road courses - what people do here, they rent a track and each particiapnts pays a fee to run his car on the track.
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Old 05-28-2007, 01:39 AM   #12
AMA Director
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Thanks for the input AGR.

Your right, the website needs more refining which will take time and also make the time for other fun stuff I mentioned before.

Pinks is a very good television show. I've watched it. It's a formula best suited for their program.

It takes time to organize a sanctioned event with the goal for a National Chinese Series. With your patience and enthusiasm I have received so far will payoff with exciting racing for the competitors and spectators throughout China!

Thank you and keep you comments coming.
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Old 06-18-2007, 11:00 PM   #13
AMA Director
Join Date: May 2007
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I just wanted to pass a message to everyone that our AMA's Co-Founder has been asked by FRD Asia Formula Renault to work as the Chief Scrutineer for their event at Sepang. They are racing in combination with other series in the Asia Festival of Speed.

I know he's pretty excited about working the event and said he'll get me a hat!

I'll post more information on our website and pictures as they become available.
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