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Old 10-26-2006, 11:34 AM   #1
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Default that's the rong-wei!!!!

1. One of SAIC's test drivers has been arrested by the police. He was driving the rong-wei down a one way street.

2. Another one was going to visit his mate, who asked him how he'd get there and what time he'd arrive. He said 'im taking the rong-wei.....'.
'You'll be ages then', replied his mate.

3. Some of the assembly line workers were fired the other day for quality issues. They didn't think it was their fault - they said they'd been hired to fit parts on the rong-wei.

4. Another test driver has been eating his lunch in the rong-wei. He didn't get indigestion but he did spill some on the seat.

5. In another incident, a speeding car avoided police capture for several hours. One policeman saw it getting on the A20, but after he reported the 'the rong-wei is heading south' all the other cars of course went North.

Just to get you started.......

You know I don't normally like to knock any of the Chinese car makers, and I don't subscribe to the 'Nanjing is real SAIC is fake' argument. But I think they would do well to think of a better name for English speaking markets before it's too late.
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I couldn't decide if this was a joke too or if its real?


Shanghaiist reader Ray emails us about a Shanghai Daily story about the new car from Shanghai Automotive Industrial Corp. The story says, "Based on the Rover 75, bought from British car maker MG Rover before it went bankrupt in 2004, the Roewe 750 has a distinctively British look." That's fine and all, but what caught Ray's attention was the car's Chinese name: Rong Wei. Ray writes:
From the marketing agency which brought us the Chevy Nova, we now introduce the Rong Wei! These guys have not had a single job since they introduced a car which means “No Go” in Spanish, but finally found some suckers in China to hire them. After months of consumer testing, apparently only in China, they settled on the “Wrong Way”!
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Humerous Post fightingtorque

Maybe we should be taking Roewe seriosuly instead of the Rong Wei my bad attempt at a joke
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