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我使用 写这。中国报告人能领会我的文字吗?
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Puh-leez, I barely care about grammar in English, lol. But if I needed to use it, is it passable (if clumsy)?

PS- what kind of suspension setup does your S13 have?
if u try really hard, i guess people can still kind of understand it
maybe only the ones who speaks english...because bablefish often uses the wrong word

i know b/c these noobs in my Chinese class uses them for project/presentations, when i see it i laugh....

my s13 looks lowered?
haha, stock suspension, coilovers coming soon
I have to translate that back into in English,
then I would understand you are not asking
"how is my Chinese people?" but "how is my Chinese language?"
that sucks
Haha, my Chinese peoples is fine, how is your Chinese peoples?
Do you really want to say "我的中文怎么样?"
Glad to see you are learning Chinese.

DOHC_Holiday said:
我使用 写这。中国报告人能领会我的文字吗?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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