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100.000 with my hover

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here is my champion,hehe, I buy it in april 2007 year and made over 100.000 km with it, it was used in off road races, auto shows, rent a car, personal use, we had car accident with him etc, as we can see from the pictures car is still in good condition
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radio and cd changer work without problems

door side panels don't make any noise

engine don't have any problems, just regular maintance, i had some small problems with the LPG sistem but nothing what shoud be worried about

i also put new winter tires on it, goodyear wrangler m+s
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i also modify the wipers on the vehicle, put it from audi a6 :D

if I look at all what this car passed i am satisfied with it, however some parts can be better like gearbox, i know that car was used in off road races for what he isn't prepared, one time i broke 3rd gear bearing and one time 5th bearing, i also replaced electric fork on it for 4wd, this cost wasn't so big but take some time for reparing

every 10000 km I replace oil filter, air filter
every 30000 km I replace fuel filter and spark plugs
on 70000 km I replace clutch and pressure plate because I burn in on the off road race
every 30000 km I replace front brake callipers, rear one at 50000, I still didn't replace the front or rear brake disc

well done GWM :thumb:
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Micodelija, you are one of the best advertisers of GWM that a company could hope for. You are very loyal to the product. I hope GWM appreciates you.

Sixty thousand miles..that's a lot of miles. But what surprises me is that you didn't change the oil filter more often. If you have dusty conditions that require air filter replacement at 30,000 km then I would think you would change the oil at about 5000 or 6000 km.. Also I'm surprised to see you changed the fuel filter so often. Do you have fuel quality problems in your country? How about the battery? Didn't that come with a Varta battery? How long did it last?

It's easy to see that you maintained it looks well cared for.
And I see that you have Bob Square Pants to keep you safe in your travels
you will see now my wingle, it have 60000 and only it's a first year that I have it, i hope that it will stay at my home to 100.000 km also

for the oil, i use only mobil1 oil, it's very good and usually i change the oil every 10000 km, on each car that i have, very often we check the oil and never we didn't found any suspisius there, sometimes when I didn't have any off road races we change it after 15000 km, I didn't have much dusty conditions, only once, usually i was in the mud :)

for the fuel filter...yes, quality of fuel in croatia is very bad, in bigger town is ok, but on country side fuel is very bad, you can trust only international companies like OMV or national INA(but only new gas stations)

yes, all hovers came with varta battery but my father very often forget to turn off the light and he many times made that battery empty, so I replace it, all other models still have varta battery

and SPONGE BOB...he is my HERO :D :thumb: , i also have ENC sistem on it for highways :)
ongratulations Mico!

that's very good!
Are you going to keep the Hover in your house or sell it and import a new version?

My wife's Hover i just serviced it last weekend for the 15.000 kms oil and oil filter.
So far zero problems!
the same to the wingle's and peris!
i just put hover on sale, i think that we will be able to buy a new hover in shanghai auto show, temporary i don't know, i am surely want to buy a new hover a car which now i can use for my personal needs, now i don't have to do any more promotion and finnaly i can have a car for myself only
My best wishes Mico...i'm following the first month i made 7000 km...everything is perfect on board....up GWM!!!
congratulations for your magnificent GWM Hover Micodelija. I hope to do more than 100000km a Chinese car soon. Greetings!
Audi_Dealer_Spain said:
congratulations for your magnificent GWM Hover Micodelija. I hope to do more than 100000km a Chinese car soon. Greetings!
do you have some plans for chinese vehicles, maybe to buy one?
hover now have 115.000 km and he is sold, today a customer pay to me first cash 10% and after 2 week he had plan to pay me whole car when he offical will be sold :(

i had very nice time with this car, i drive with him plenty of off road races, travel with him thru whole europe and balkan, couple of time i go to the vacation with him, on famous concerts and so on, he never fail me, he never leave me alone on the road

i just hope that new customer will have also good expiriance as i have, even this car have 115.000 km, i reagulary do all the services on it and i am sure that he can drive another 100.000 km without any problem
Bravo majstore ! Svaka cast ! Well done ! Congratulations ! He looks great with 100.000km !

new crash test with my hover, car now have 125.000 km, the gentelman have crash on the highway, with 150 km/h he hit the safety bumper because he fall and slepp during driving, nobody was hurt and car is still driving, we only must replace doors and bumpers
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