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2005 Dongfeng Honda Civic

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The Civic is a compact car manufactured by Japanese Honda. Eight generation of the car was introduced to the market in 2005. It is available all over the world in different body styles (sedan, coupe, hatchback) and with large selection of engines, including hybrid version.
Dongfeng Honda Automobile, one of Honda's joint ventures in China, assembles and markets the Civic in China. Its exterior is the same as the North American-market Civic, except with amber tail turnlights and only the sedan model is available.

Dongfeng Honda Civic:

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great car, i think honda will be getting more market share in china every year
Honda Civic Hybrid discounts $4,285 in China.

April 10, 2008 – The Honda Civic Hybrid vehicle is being sold in the Chinese market at a price that is RMB 30,000 ($4,285) lower than its original price RMB 269,800, Jinhua newspaper reported, citing sources from Dongfeng Honda's authorized dealers in Beijing.

The price-cut follows Dongfeng Honda's official announcement to offer a RMB 20,000 ($2,740) discount for its Civic Hybrid in January.

Honda Civic Hybrid was imported to China in November 2007 and was priced at RMB 269,800 originally. The model improves fuel economy by 37.42% compared with the base model. Since its launch at the end of 2001, The Honda Civic Hybrid model has sold a total number of 200,000 vehicles worldwide.

Last month, Toyota also cut the price of its Chinese-made Prius hybrid car by up to 8% to help boost the model's flat sales. The Prius hybrid now sells for RMB 259,800, compared with RMB 282,200 before, according to FAW Toyota.
Dongfeng Honda presented Civic MY 2009 with improved equipment. Basic EXi package now comes with parking sensors, sunroof and chromed exhaust pipe as standard equipment, while upper VTi trim level includes, among others, safety features such as front and side air bags:

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Re: 2005 Honda Civic

Sorry, but the Honda Civic still comes off as Grandma and Grandpa's plain, Jane, mundane econobox. I'll grab a Mitsubishi Lancer like mine every time over a tired and boring looking rig like Honda's Civic. No matter how they cookie-cutter their Civic it always scores the same with this padre.
he Civic is Honda’s advanced car and the Civic receives newly introduced front and back styling just one year after the new model debuted for 2012 with an big in size but a similar look to the previous model of honda civic.
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