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Kia Rio cars are on special offer in Beijing 4S stores.

May 20, 2008 - According to several Kia 4S stores in Beijing, a large discount is offered on the Kia Rio cars and the Rio 1.6L models are no longer produced. The two cars have failed to fulfill Kia's strategy of catering to dynamic young buyers.

The Kia Rio 1.4L version is offered at a discount of 9,800 yuan ($1,404) in the Kia 4S stores. The Rio 1.6 car has much in common with Cerato 1.6L, especially in the displacement and price and thus has reduced the number of its buyers. As a result Kia has to stop the production of the Rio 1.6L cars.

The Rio cars, designed for the fashionable dynamic youths, have the 1.6L and 1.4L versions available. The Rio 1.6L edition i powered by a CVVT engine capable of 112bhp and 146Nm torque and equipped with a 4-speed automatic transmission; the Rio 1.4L car is powered by a DOHC engine that generates 97bhp and 125Nm torque. Both cars have spacious space and are fitted with MP3 and other devices that young people like.

Unfortunately, the two Rio cars have not sold so well as anticipated and failed to fulfill Kia's strategy of using these two models to create a auto sales miracle among the trendy young consumers.

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