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Guangzhou's newly established independent brand - GAC - presented another concept at Guangzhou Auto Show, GAC AEV Concept Car:

Some information about all concepts from Chinese Autoblog.

GAC AEV Concept Car:
Advanced Electric Vehicle:it is another tentative made by GAC for R&D and applications of automotive new energy sources and new technologies.and one of the achievements jointly made by GAEI(GAC Automotive Engineering Institute)and Wanxing Group EV Company,based on the R&D results of foregone projects carried out such as "technical platform for PEV powertrain",The main purpose of making AEV is to verify the consistency.among the requirements of zero emission and extra low noise of EVs,and other practicabillity and safety requirements of mass-produced cars, Therefore, AEV is an in-service-use oriented prototype for technical validation.
GAC 4-door Coupé:
4-Door Coupe Concept Car is designed,according to the "costomer requirement centralizing" philosophy, to satisfy the needs of young white collars and well-to-do families,it combines the genes of obstinate and unruly 2-Door coupe and comfortable sedan,to form a car that full of sportive characters,and to give satisfaction sufficient to meet the demand for rear seat space and acessibility.
GAC AHEV Concept:
Advanced Hybrid Electric Vehicle:It has been designed as a crossover multipurpose city car,its design philosophy is to annotate audaciously the future urbanity. AHEV is a car not only with avant-garde styling and exquisite trims,but also with abundant high-techs adopted. Especially,among these high-techs,the GEM(GAC Electro-Magnetic)hybrid system is independently developed and patented by GAC(Guangzhou Automobile Group Co,,LTD),which provides an unique"fun-for-drive/ride"feeling,while guaranteeing excellent characteristics of fuel economy,performance,handling and environmental protection.
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